Dimond Arcade, inside Dimond Center Mall, is Alaska's best games arcade and a must visit for hours of fun family entertainment. We feature redemption games, so you are sure to go home with some great prizes.

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Hundreds of prizes to choose from:  power tools for Dad; cookware for Mom; bath and learning items for toddlers; dolls, hats, diary, jewelry for sister; guns, vehicles, sports games, puzzles for brother, and remote control planes/vehicles, watches, cameras, Apple Ipod Shuffle, VHS/Blu-Ray DVD, stuffed characters, small/large novelty items, inflatables, lava lamps, flashing lights, seasonal gifts, Alaska Aces tickets and merchandise.


Novelty games like Air Hockey, Ice Ball, Boxer, Shoot to Win basketball or Dance Dance Revolution Super NOVA are just waiting for you to push it, throw it, hit it, toss it, knock it down or stomp it out. That’s fun!

Want to challenge your friends to shoot a monster weapon or race a hot car? Try Fast and Furious, Sega GT Super Sport, Big Buck Hunter, Terror Gold or end it all with Terminator Salvation. You “smart shooters” take aim with the U.S. Army and see if you can beat the target ranges with America’s Army.

What are REMDEMPTION games? Games that give you tickets!  Dimond Aracade has over 50 redemption games.

What do you do with the tickets? Take them to the Redemption counter and WIN PRIZES of your choice! Hundreds of prizes to select, take home, play with and keep the fun rolling on. Novelty games, toys, guns, dolls, plush animals, inflatables, cookware, books, DVDs, electronics and even autographed Alaska Aces gear!

At Dimond Arcade you win the most game Tickets to get the most Points to get the Best Redemption Prizes.

Dimond Arcade - 2nd Floor, Dimond Center Mall - Across from Dimond Regal Cinema

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